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Bluestor - 16 Bay 3U 10G Ethernet NAS Dual RAID Server

Bluestor - 16 Bay 3U 10G Ethernet NAS Dual RAID Server

16 Bay 3U 10G Ethernet NAS Dual RAID Server
Bluestor - 16 Bay 3U 10G Ethernet NAS Dual RAID Server

JMR’s newly developed enterprise class BlueStor™ Networked Storage Server is breaking new ground in performance, convenience and reliability, but affordably priced. Powered by euroNAS software OS, the new 3U server is ideal for the corporate SMB, film, AV or streaming media markets needing to upgrade the performance and reliability of their shared storage environments in their existing IT datacenter or studio facility at a fraction of the cost of the competition

The system offers a multitude of enterprise features including 16 6Gb/s SAS/SATA disk drive bays, four (N+1 configured) high-velocity cooling fans, dual 620W (N+1) hot-swappable power supplies, dual internal SAS Expanders, four 1Gb/s NIC ports or optional Dual/Quad 10Gb/s and a high performance motherboard with an Intel™ Quad Core CPU.



We have expanded our product offerings beyond the popular LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP to add five new models!

The new LTNG-XQ-RMMP and LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP are identical to the award-winning LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP but are specifically for rack mount installations and come with all hardware required for easy rack installations as well as easier servicing once installed in a rack cabinet, fixed or mobile.

The new “RMMP” models use adjustable-depth rack mounting slides which securely support the product and once installed, allow a user to easily slide the unit out of the cabinet until the entire chassis is forward of the cabinet and remains fully supported. This allows for easier removal of the top cover (which is installed or removed with just two thumbscrews and takes 30 seconds) for servicing any interior components, making new connections to the installed MacPro, or removing/installing different PCIe cards in the Thundebolt-PCIe card section, which is available immediately after sliding off the top cover.